Copy of Selling and Letting Properties across South East Wales

We will often receive numerous enquiries from home owners at this time of the year who are seeking advice about preparing their houses for sale in the Spring. Whilst we are happy to offer our expertise and advice, we will also recommend that they put their houses on the market ASAP and these are the reasons why:

House Buyers Are Now Active 24/7 and 365 Days of the Year

The internet has changed how we search for properties. Long gone are the days when buyers wait for the property section of the local paper or visit their local estate agents. Buyers are using mobiles and computers to look at listings 24/7 365 days a year. They don’t care about the time of year, they want to buy houses and won’t wait until the Spring and longer days. All the information they will need to decide whether they want to view a property in person is now online.

Work Bonuses and Other Financial Windfalls

Many employers choose to pay their employees an annual bonus at Christmas time to reward the efforts of their hard work during the year. Some employees will also find out if their pay will increase in the next year.

Both scenarios will help to encourage those considering moving to actively begin the process.
When families get together during the festive period, conversations are had about financial matters including inheritance tax, gifting money to others and home ownership. Again, these conversations plant the seeds for home buyers.

Whether it’s a new buyer who moves quickly or a previously active buyer who re-engages, these house hunters are around in January and will look at your home if it’s for sale.

Limited Houses For Sale

Typical sellers wait until Spring to sell. There’s no doubt that visible grass, blooming flowerbeds, and a spotlight on outdoor areas make houses more inviting.
But that also means that there might be two or three similar houses for sale in your neighbourhood or school catchment area, in your price range. Thus, it changes the supply-and-demand balance.
You’re better off putting your house in the spotlight. The more homes on the market, the more the buyers spread out.

Buyers shopping in January understand that the home won’t show as well as it does in the spring and summer months. Many of them don’t care. Having photos of your home during these times of year will help them envision it in the warmer seasons.

If you’re a flexible seller — meaning that you aren’t under any time restrictions or time frames to sell, and your home is already in showing condition — consider listing in mid- to late January. You can always control and negotiate your closing deadline with a buyer. If someone falls in love with the home, they may not mind waiting until April to complete.

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