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As part of our introduction process when working with house sellers we often ask what the reason(s) is for their decision to move. We have looked back through the various reasons provided over the past twelve months and identified the following six most popular reasons.

Perhaps some of these might be applicable to your current situation. If this is the case, please get in touch and speak to us to find out how we can help you plan your next ‘Smooth Move’.

Outgrown Your Home?

For the same reason as we change our cars over time, from that sporty run around to a larger family car, our life changes dictate our current and future needs along with our accommodation requirements for our growing family. Overnight we seem to outgrow our one bed single pad and suddenly find ourselves needing a four bed family home with a double garage and enclosed rear garden.

Working From Home

Over the last 12 months working from home is now our new “norm”, as instead of taking the usual drag into your workplace, you now take the shorter commute from the bed to the sofa! With “Zoom” now being a household name you find yourself needing a room for your “office” where you can close the door for essential scheduled meetings.


We can’t wait to be able to socialise again and you may be thinking of the future where you need a bigger dining room to fit a larger table with extra seats or a more spacious lounge for your family to get together for a movie night or welcome friends round for that well needed catch up but you just don’t have the space you need.



There may have been a change in your financial position recently and you have decided to make some necessary changes on how and where you live, either upsizing or downsizing.

Empty Nest

At some stage in our lives, we suddenly feel our home is too big for us as our family have flown the nest. Now is the time to make the move to a small, easily maintainable, and manageable home where your outgoings will be cheaper so you will have a secure future, peace of mind and more time for yourself and enjoy the grandchildren.

Fallen Out of Love With Your Current Home

Through the years we change, and this usually comes with a difference in taste, wants and needs or we may have simply fallen out of love with our current home. Looking at the same 4 walls daily we may be resenting our house a little and this may be a sign to take the leap and move to your next dream home.

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