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Being a landlord can be a stressful experience. You worry when the property is empty and then worry even more when the property is occupied. Be it issues with maintenance, government legislations or problem tenancies, Smooth Moves are here to help.

We ensure that you receive the maximum return on your investment with a good rental income for the duration of the letting. We also provide you with the services necessary to remove the stress factor and protect your property.

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We will provide you with the service you want and demand. We will research the area to ensure the correct rent amount is charged, thoroughly vet all prospective tenants, create the tenancy agreement, minimise empty periods between tenancies and much, much more.

We are experts in letting and management

Our team here at Smooth Moves have an extensive knowledge and experience of tenancy law and we will make sure the letting of your property is trouble free giving you total peace of mind. We are specialists in the letting and management of quality residential property.

Presentation of your property will be superb

Your property will then be advertised extensively with good quality photographs and a well written description to generate more enquiries.

Keeping a close eye on your property
We carry out regular inspections so that any potential problems will be identified and dealt with early on to avoid bigger issues later.

Finding a tenant is easy, but finding the right tenant takes experience

Without exception, all tenants must fulfil our application requirements. We must be entirely satisfied that they will look after your property well and pay the rent on time, every time.

We won’t keep hold of your money

Make sure to get your rental payment as soon possible. We pay our landlords within 7 days of receiving the rent from your tenant and send you a full statement of your account.

To find out more about our comprehensive Property Management services please phone 01633 401070 or email