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Landlords are required by law to protect their Tenants bonds. There are several schemes available where bonds can be held for a fee or some free of charge.

Any Landlord who is found not to have registered the bond and informed their Tenants where the bond is being held could face a fine of up to 3 times the amount of the bond which will be payable to the Tenant.

Dealing with bond disputes can often take up a lot of time. The adjudicators will require evidence of your claim. Quotes will need to be obtained. Photographs of any damage, copies of check ins and check outs and inspection reports that have been obtained during the tenancy.

A good managing Agent can often make the difference in a claim being awarded to the Landlord, not the Tenant. Agents build relationships with Tenants through their tenancies and can sometimes deal with many move out issues as part of their check out inspections avoiding a long delay in re letting the property while you obtain quotes for the dispute to be decided by the bond scheme adjudicator.

Vacant properties and void periods cost Landlords time and can lose them money.


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