Realistic valuations, flexible viewings to suit buyers, and a personal service are three key factors Newport based Smooth Moves Property Agents are reporting as the main contributing factors to a significant increase in the number of property sales completed by them in the last two months. WantaSmoothMove-

Realistic Valuations
Alison Jarman, owner of Smooth Moves Property Agents in Beechwood House, Newport is pleased with the increase. “When a customer invites us to their home to value it they expect an honest valuation based on our expert market knowledge to sell it, not for it to remain on the market for months and months. We will always do our best to achieve the best price we can on their behalf but we won’t give an inflated figure to win the instruction and then end up with limited viewings, no offers and disappointed customers.”

A Flexible Approach to Selling
It is a buyer’s market at the market at the moment and Estate Agents and sellers need to be flexible in their approach and attitude when selling properties. Alison explains, “There is a good selection of properties available especially for sale in the Newport area. We encourage our customers to be as flexible as possible and provide access to their homes during the evenings, on the weekends and of course during the day. All viewings are accompanied and pre-arranged in advance but it is essential to be as flexible as possible to suit potential purchasers to maximise the selling opportunities. We’ve been doing this for a while and it works for both buyers and sellers alike.”

Keep it Personal
Alison will often conduct many of the viewings herself. It’s a personal approach that she favours because it develops a good relationship between her and the sellers and enables Alison to get to know the specifics of each property to highlight and explain to potential buyers. Alison explains, “I think it is very important to get to know our customers and their properties. It certainly keeps me aware of what is available in the market and helps provide potential buyers with information about houses that we know will be of particular interest to them. By keeping it personal, we are able to maintain the high standards of customer service we have become renowned for. “

We Can Help You

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